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Parent's Guide

How to prepare for your first class

  1. Download Zoom
    Classes will be conducted through the video app called Zoom. It’s completely free and super simple to download! Click here to download the app. It’s best to be used on a desktop.

  2. Zoom Preparation
    Before and during class, you should double check to make sure the following settings are working properly, and that your child is familiar with them:
    • Microphone settings (on/off)
    • Video camera settings (on/off)
    • The “Participants” and “raise hand” button
    • The “Chat” button – say “hello” to your teacher 

  3. Troubleshooting for Zoom
    Your teacher should be able to answer any queries that you may have regarding the basics of using Zoom. However, should any technical difficulty arise, feel free to contact us at [email protected] 

  4. Preparation for Class
    • Find a quiet place for your learner to attend class that is not disruptive to the class or other learners.
    • Make sure that any required materials are ready before class starts. Your teacher will let you know in the classroom if your learner needs to bring anything to class.

  5. Log Into Class
    When you enroll in a class, we will send you an email with links to access your classroom. You can also go to "Your Scheduled Courses" under your profile. Review class details and requirements on the "Class" page. Check for teacher updates or message the teacher in the "Classroom" page. When it's time to start your class, click on the green “Join Live Video Class’ button takes you to the video call meeting room. Alternatively, your child can click on the link on the email to join the meeting directly. Occasionally, after clicking the meeting link, you may come across the message “The host will let you in soon”. Just wait a little bit, and your teacher will be there in no time! Please be on time!
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