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Teacher's Guide

Adding a Course

  1. Click "Teacher's Dashboard" after you login

  2. Click “Course manager”
    When you’re ready to create your first class, click “Course manager”.

  3. Click on “+ Add new course”

    On this page, you will be asked to fill out your course details.

    1. Basic Tab

      The information is very important as it will limit search results, especially the category and age group.

    2. Classroom Tab

      ‘Add classroom’ name creates for a reference for yourself only.
      ‘Add meeting time’ after you create a classroom.

      Add 1 meeting time if it is a one-time class. If you’re offering a class with multiple meeting times, you can add as many meeting times as you wish to; they do not have to be the same time every week/day, but it would be easier for parents to plan their schedule if the times are more regular. Please note that the price you set on the basic tab is per classroom, not per meeting time. Eg. if you have 3 meeting times in a classroom, and you set $100 in the basic tab, parents will be charged 1 time $100 for all 3 classes.

      Classes with sections scheduled appear higher in our listings and search results. So we recommend always having at least one future section scheduled for your classes. 

      Set your zoom meeting id and password

      Go to https://zoom.us/ and sign up for a new account. We suggest you to open a Free personal account which you can host 40-minute classes. If you want to host longer classes, you can upgrade your plan. Download the app on your computer.

      Go to the ‘Meetings’ tab, create a new meeting by clicking on the ‘+’ button.

      The easiest way we suggest is to create a new meeting for each course, which you can use for all your classes with the same URL link. But anyone in your previous classes can join in anytime if they have saved the ID, so be sure to use the ‘Waiting Room’ feature to admit participants individually.

      If you don’t want to verify participants each time, set a new meeting for each meeting time.  However we recommend checking ‘Recurring Meeting’ and you can start a meeting anytime, without worrying about changing times later.

      Also see Zoom info on PMI https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/203276937-Using-Personal-Meeting-ID-PMI- Click on ‘Automatically record meeting on the local computer’ so you’ll have a backup for your classes for future reference.

      Fill in your Zoom meeting URL in the respective fields.

      You and your students will only need to click the green ‘Enter Classroom’ button when the meeting starts.

    3. Media Tab

      On the Media tab, the course thumbnail jpg will appear automatically on the Class page on the website.

      If you have a YouTube video that explains what you will teach in that specific class, the video will load when the parent clicks on the thumbnail with a play button. 
      Remember to copy the embedded URL link from the SHARE button and not copy the direct URL link from the browser.

  4. Wait for approval

    That’s it! Click “Publish” when you are done! Your course is currently pending approval. Sit back and relax! It will be up and running in no time!

  5. Refund and Transfer Student

    Go to Teachers Dashboard to select Course Manager. Click on the ‘+’ button and ‘Edit the course’ you want to go into. Click on the Classroom Tab. You can see how many children are enrolled in the bracket, and the max number you set is also displayed in the bracket.

    Click ‘Enter Classroom’ and you can see the enrolled children’s name.
    1. Enter ‘Classroom’ tab to send message to all enrolled student

    2. ‘Send Parent Message’ to send private message to the particular student
    3. Change enrolment to refund or transfer a particular student to another class

  6. Tips

    Respond to Questions and Get Enrollments
    Once the class is approved, your course will be listed. Parents will likely ask you questions, which a notification will go to your email.  Login in the your profile and reply via the Message Tab. Respond fast! This will increase the chance that parents enroll!  

    Altering sections
    Until the section starts, you can still change the times that the section meets.  You can also cancel a section. However we do not recommend altering meeting times unless it is necessary. You should always communicate any changes to parents by posting to the classroom and emailing parent. Make sure each parent confirms with you. If they don’t, please ask our team to help contact them.  Don't make changes without telling parents.  Teachers should keep changes to that schedule at a minimum.   

    Handling refund requests
    Teachers may issue refunds at their discretion. We suggest the following approach:
    • If parents are unable to join a section or accidentally miss it, then try to transfer them to a future section of the class
    • If parents had an emergency situation that caused them to miss and they no longer wish to join the class, you can offer a refund, upon agreeing with you
    • If parents are dissatisfied with a class, discuss with the parents in harmony, perhaps issue a partial refund
    Cancelling sections
    We understand in some cases it is necessary to cancel classes, but try to avoid it!  If you have to do this, please do it as early as possible.

    Classes with fewer than minimum enrollments
    As the platform is new, we suggest you proceed with the class even you have fewer enrolment than your minimum. You will have a chance to know your students more and get them to follow you on your next class.

    Tips for getting more enrolment - Experiment with different options
    It can be difficult to predict which topics, lengths, timings and age ranges are going to be most popular.  We suggest you experiment with different class topics and formats to see what gets the best response. Try the following:
    • Create new classes for different topics and age ranges
    • Offer a mixture of one-time class and multi-time classes
    • Inexpensive one-time classes are a great way to build a following
    • Schedule more meeting times at different times
    • Experiment with different prices to discover what works best for your following
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